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August 31, 2010:
Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter, a 5-CD, 112-song boxed set that compiles all of our early, extremely limited, cassette-only albums and EPs... Includes 12-page booklets containing lyrics, credits and recording information for each CD plus a photo booklet capturing the band during their 4-track era.

Order the boxed set, shipping this week! -
$30 via Paypal (includes shipping)

Each of the 5 discs is also available for $8.00, including shipping. Just click the images below to order the individual CDs:


Listen to some songs from the upcoming boxed set release:
On August 31, 2010, tinhorn planet music will release BUILDING YOUR LO-FI SHELTER, a 112-song, 5-CD boxed set by prolific Buffalo/Rochester, NY, band the gifted children. This compiles all of the gifted children's early, extremely limited, cassette-only albums and EPs. Originally recorded and released between 1995 and 1998, these songs show the gifted children developing from their earliest days as a fairly straight-ahead, somewhat shambolic folk group to a super-prolific indie rock band penning short, hook-laden songs.

All of the original 4-track recordings have been digitized, remixed and remastered. In addition to original artwork, each CD will contain a 12-page booklet with lyrics, credits and photos. The limited-edition boxed set will also contain a full-color booklet containing photos of the band during early recording sessions and live shows.


disc 1:

august (5 songs, originally released August 1995)
the ice palace (9 songs, originally released January 1996)
my little iron curtain (8 songs, originally released Summer 1996)

disc 2:

bathtub full of dreams (12 songs, originally released September 1996)
cutlery (5 songs, originally released October 1996)
the queasy dream (9 songs, originally released November 1996)

disc 3:

the festival of lights (2 songs, aborted release - originally slated for December 1996)
zip lock (9 songs, originally released December 29, 1996)
Flowers for Trudy (10 songs, originally released February 1997)
april (5 songs, originally released April 1997)

disc 4:

imaginary girls, volume i (5 songs, originally released June 1997)
leftovers (6 songs, originally released August 1997)
self-central locator (6 songs, originally released December 1997)
the year of living dangerously (5 songs, originally released April 1998)

disc 5:

a 15-song live performance on WITR 89.7 FM (recorded on April 21, 1997)


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